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  1. 16th June 2016


    President Jeanie Harvey

    Dear Jeanie,

    Our Club has an established custom of toasting a Rotary Club from another country at our weekly meetings. This broadens our knowledge of clubs around the world. We had the pleasure of toasting your Club at our meeting. We wish your Club every success in your Rotary endeavours. We’d love to hear from your club.

    Our club, apart from giving donations locally, internationally and to Foundation, does the following
     Cuts and collects wood for the annual wood action and provides free wood for those in genuine need.
     Provides readers for the ELF day in the main street for primary schools
     Runs mock job interviews at the local secondary college
     Gives awards for community service, business in excelence and pride in workmanship

    Reason for Toast
    Your insight on how to get younger members to join Rotary our average age is 71.
    Kingston Waterfront members contribute their unique perspectives, skill sets, and ‘sweat equity’ to tackle issues both locally and internationally. The result is an enthusiastic arm of Rotary, offering its membership and our community at large an exciting opportunity for rewarding fellowship, meaningful experiences, and a lasting legacy

    Yours in Rotary,

    Tom Farrell

    Secretary 2016/2017
    Rotary Club Of Alexandra
    PO Box 76
    Alexandra 3714

    “Rotary Serving Humanity”


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